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Leo Bagramov’s Studio

16th of November 2001 is date of appearance Leo Bagramov’s Studio TM as a full service film production house.

Leo Bagramov’s Studio has developed the serious BONUS SYSTEM:

1. In case of film and video production at Leo Bagramov’s Studio, the screenplay based on BRIEF and Client’s recommendations are developing and writing with 50% DISCOUNT.
2. The original music background (OST) of all the film and video products is distributing in separate file FOR FREE.
3. The backstage photos are offering FOR FREE!

In present Leo Bagramov’s Studio cooperates with the top professionals of Russia, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Check Republic, Cuba, Argentina and Australia and provides the following the service options:

1. Screenplay development and writing for the commercials and corp. films production
2. Worldwide shooting process arrangement and organization
3. Shooting process arrangement and organization for other Production Houses
4. Commercials, corp. films and motivation videos production in any format (from DBt up to film 35 mm Full HD), and audio spots with OST too.
5. 3D graphics and animation production
6. Cartoon animation production in any technique (up to plasticine animation)
7. Telecine film processing which is providing in Finland
8. Offering other directors due to the screenplay tasks and Client’s preferences.

The Studio has produced more than 80 commercials, corporate films, and motivation videos within that period. The scenarios for film and video products were developed and written either by me, or by Ads Agencies. Most of the film and video products have been on air in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The Studio’s Clients are big holdings, concerns and companies of different business specializations.

In present Leo Bagramov’s Studio is the first production house of Russia which was lucky to win the tender and prodused the commercials series production for ADV Werbung Advertising Agency (Berlin, Germany) for the new perfume brand BB By Berlin (Berlin, Germany) with the further Global series air.

Leo Bagramov’s Studio and Leo Bagramov screenwriter and director are awarded with for more than 20 prizes in total by different Local and International Ads Festivals. «The Old Tale» Vodka commercial entered William F. Arens «The Best Ads of the World» collection (San Diego, CA, USA).

Director Leo Bagramov

I work as director not only within the Studio but for other Production Houses too. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

I prefer starting any project from the Pre PPM till the final project delivery to the Client. That form allows being responsible within each film and video production faze and make the correct realization of the screenplay and Client’s recommendations.

I have a great pleasure to work, and succeed in shooting scenes with children of different ages, animals, birds. There’s no any universal method and methodical tools in shooting such actors. There’s a big experience in Stunt action and car racing scenes shootings too. That demands a little bit more Pre Production period, because it’s very important to find the correct key to each individual actor, making him be able to illustrate the Client’s idea to the Audience.

The providing Pre-Production period in such way makes possible to achieve detailed organization and preparation to the shooting, the shooting process optimization, risks decreasing, to shoot in a high temp and even allows the production budget saving.

There’s no fixed director’s fee — everything depends on the screenplay tasks.